Thursday, February 1

Grim? Nuh-Uh!

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Last Wednesday (January 24th) I said I'd bring you inside of The Barclay at 11 East 48th St., um... then I didn't. Okay... so here's the payoff. Now you see why, on their visits to Metropolis, four generations of Byrnes have hoteled at the Barclay. Questions?


Andreas said...

You certainly drive your point with these comic strips. I wonder, is there any other form of art that is so expressive? The power lies in the combination of images, in that kaleidoscopic view of a place or a situation. At that point of already heightened awareness, text can drive the image in all directions. Brilliant.

Ted said...

Thanks Andre. I find the Comcs format addictive. But I'm trying not to overuse it. Seems like a gimmic, even though it lets me combine a number of so-so images into one much more powerful image. I'm beginning to actually think about the format when I'm on a shoot... this one, and the other I did in NYC a couple of days before this one - I took those pictures with the comics formatting in mind.

Thanks for sharing.