Monday, February 5

Grand Whirl

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Bustle is what you think about when you think of Metropolis. And an epicenter of bustle is Grand Central Station. How to get that across in the middle of a grey day? And how to portray the abstract concept of busy-ness without losing the sense of New York City? Easy... get a taxi in the image, right?
So? How my doing?


Andreas said...

Ted, this is funny. For me this is a typical image that I would shoot with the Lensbaby. Are you sure you don't want one?

mcmurma said...

Holy Cats you Wildman! You switched your blog format on me. No big deal, though, I still love your images. You have taken digital media into the realm that so many, myself included, have been somewhat scared to go. Which is to use it to its fullest. Whatever it takes to express yourself. Kudos.