Thursday, February 22


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I just discovered a depressing website. Click here on Juha M. Kinnunen's name, and you will see why I've posted what I've posted tonight. Juha's work is so astonishingly good that, for just a moment I wondered why I bother. Then I thought of all those guys who go to the course every Saturday in spite of the fact that Tiger Woods is alive and playing golf in a way that is only related to theirs by the greatest stretch of imagination. But hey: It is imagination that keeps me coming back to this digital course each night.
Still, tonight I think I shall send you off to visit Juha's site, and while you do, I will hide behind a pile of every trick, gee-gaw, frim-fram, gimmick, and scrikity-scrack I can pile upon my work so you won't notice that ... I am out on the course, but what I do is related to Mr. Kinnunen's only by the greatest stretch of imagination.

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Andreas said...

Yup, that guy is good and so are you :)

Incidentally he links to the Radiant Vista and I can remember having seen at least one of his images in the Daily Critique.

Thanks for the link. Definitely a place to remember.