Thursday, June 28

Gallery Row °1

"The past is permanence," the girl smiled.
"It whispers to us. Directs and guides."

"But... but..." I wondered. "What if we don't hear?"

Her look turned thoughtful, "We always hear.That's not the point."

"Um, what _is_ the point then?"

She quieted for a time then swept her hand along this street's facade...

"How distinctly it whispers. See? See? Does that murmur loudly enough to understand?"

A portion of Gallery Row early on a June Saturday along N. Duke St. in Lancaster, Pennsylvania._
Canon EOS 7D, Canon EFS 17-85mm (f4-5.6) in RAW/RGB space,PS4: Various spot adjustments to enhance dynamic range, Topaz Adjust 5, Mixed media... photographic with AlienSkin; SnapArt 3: OilPaint applied as. custom textures through spot layers. Color space altered to SRGB for web display.
Original: 60X26"

Tuesday, June 26

Once Upon A Mid-Summer's Night

The less you try to
Make sense of each
Of summer's tiny parts

The more that
The whole thing of
Summer makes...

Lancaster Catholic High School has a summer fair. It's a-swirl with memories past-made, mixing with memories now-making. And it files itself somewhere in a folder labelled "Summer" which, when we open it ever-after looks... well... like this. Right?

Hot Saturday Night at the Lancaster Catholic late June Fair, 2012

Canon 7D, Canon EF-S 10-22mm (f3.5-4.5), PS 4: Custom brushes and textures, layered diddlings with dynamic range then... Topaz Adujstment, AlienSkin: Adjustment 4: Polaroid Creamy Brown Highlights, OnOne: {Perfect Effects3 (custom), AlienSkin: SnapArt3: variations of Crayon as a texture screen.

NOTE: Filters are tools, much like a painter uses different implements to move, build, apply, and texturize oils. Hence I use various filters in Photoshop layers and then spot apply them to reveal my concept.