Monday, May 28

Water Street Bindery

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Here's a house and a half... Circa. 1730 along Water Street in downtown Lancaster, Pa. a couple of blocks from my house on Sunday morning May 27, 2012. That's my bike there by the bindery. It was one of those days when scattered thunderstorms lead to summer sunlight shining through sudden rain..

Canon G10, 4 vertical image pano, PS4: Alien Skin: employing Snap Art 3: Watercolor as spot filtering.

Tuesday, May 22

And this, even though it's before the next is Dump Part #2!

Now, are these related in any useful way? Is there a pattern? You tell me, okay? As usual, click on any image for a larger view.

1. Here's Samantha Grace. Did I post her before.... Too many images too few dendrites and neurons...

2. Another in the Aura series but I've forgotten which. Misty huh?

3. See... see how the floor mystically floats. I like this still life. You?

4. And here again is Katelyn Rose who is Samantha Grace's big sister. Nice moment?

5. And continuing with my portraits of Race Against Racism from this Spring... Handsome guy, right?

Okay... Here Comes a Dump Part 1, K?

Okay.... I'm way behind in my posting. Here're four that I've recently done that seem just about unrelated in any way... sigh...  As usual, click on any image for a larger view.

1. Here's a runner in this April's Race Against Racism.

2. Here's you-know-who...

3. Here's one of the grand nieces... Katelyn Rose flirting with her Daddy...

4. Here's a bearable moment... At the office...

There will be more... Gotta' catch up. Wheeeeee!

Thursday, May 10

Aura °14: Narrative

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Photographic art is a
Perpetually running
Narrative machinery.

The Aura Series.... °14: Narrative

"There is no reality...
Only perception." - _Dr. Phil_

Face paint guy... Race Against Racism: Lancaster, Pa
Canon 7D: Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens, PS4: Topaz 5, OnOne, PerfectEffects 3, AlienSkin: Exposure 4. Custom motion filters, custom brushes.

Saturday, May 5

Mono By Three

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And here's a bigger version, click to enlarge it.

Some animals fail
To see in color
Which may mean that they
Can know things that
People may never

For over forty years I shot overwhelmingly in B&W denied spontaneous access to colors by the complexity of processing and a kid's wallet. So now, when I see artists working in monochrome I wonder why they've performed such serious surgery on their imaginations. But... but... sometimes I hear a tiny voice,

"Ted," it whispers... "remember me? Remember when we were more than friends for countless hours in an orange-dark room? Remember my scent of Dektol and how my fixer turned your fingernails a mottled mahogany? Remember how I left my traces on your clothes,,, spotted and smelly? And remember how I revealed your imagination in those steel pans? You do," the voice cooed.... "You do remember me...."

Lancaster's _Race Against Racism_ April, 2012... A contestant warms her hands against the early spring chill... Canon 7D: Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens, Spot Focus. PS4: custom layering, AlienSkin: Exposure 4: Tri-X, pushed four stops.