Monday, March 30


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Recall the tale of the ant and the grasshopper? Like a haunting tune, it's hard, just now, to get out of my mind. I think it's a news thing? Anyway, it's cheerful to have this memory - the kids will cherish it, huh?

Saturday, March 28

Just Flowers

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Longwood Gardens is about forty miles from my home in Lancaster. It's in Bucks County not far from the Brandywine Museum we visit frequently. A legacy of the Dupont Family the gardens sprawl both outside and inside. Last week we stopped by and while the March air was still frigid... well, the arboretum encapsulated what's just about to happen outside the house here in Lancaster.

I don't do flower pictures. If you scroll down to the keywords below this post you'll see "Flowers" and if you click there, well I don't think, of all the images on this blog, that more than about five are actual flowers. There are two reasons I don't do flowers..... (1) they are too damned easy. I mean after all you aim the lens click the shutter and there's a flower picture. And usually it's colorful and all that but (2) They are too damned hard. It continually amazes me to see terrific artists who make flower images that resonate with a new intensity. My flowers are so... so... booooring. They simply don't ROCK!

But still, when I roam through Longwood gardens it's as if my camera fires by itself. And I come away with discs crammed with bazillions of boooooring flower images. There's probably some secret to it. Sigh... But nobody's ever told it to me.

Anywayzzzzz.... just as I only posted one Fall picture last year... here's my one spring flower thingeee.... Suggestions?

Thursday, March 19

Dare Me

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Shiree challenged me. She made this image available with a dare to "Do what you will to me." She wants a new square dramatic avatar. Otherwise... Well, it's my call. Now I figured a couple of things. Her screen name is Magicat. Okay... there's that 'magic' thing. And the virgin image shows some skin, eh? Moreover there's that low key background and the high contrast flash-bulb club lighting. I'm not the only one she's challenged.

Hmmm.... attractive woman, huh? Young. Sexy. Looking for an exciting image - an attention grabber. Look at her features. A couple reeeeely pop right? But that lighting... ohhhhhh that lighting. Fine... that's the challenge. And here...
Here's my solution. So? Wuddaya think?

Saturday, March 14

The National Gallery • Washington, DC

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Went to the National Museum of Art last Thursday to see the Dutch Cityscape paintings. Pity they refused photographic permission in that show. They were all examples of the mid 1600's Golden Age of the Dutch. And they were astonishingly photojournalistic. Interesting that this sort of razor sharp drawing no longer has much market today. By the mid 1800s photographers had wiped out the market for that craft almost completely. And now, with the arrival of digital tools, photographers are closing in on the impressionistic imaginings of today's fine artists. Hmmmm..... Wonder what's next?

Monday, March 9

The Artist

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Regardless of what art is... there's another question: Why do people do art?

Hmmmm.... I've got three reasons:

(1) They have an instinct to gather parts of life for themselves or,
(2) They want to save parts of themselves for the future or,
(3) They want to stuff a market in a bottle cast into the tides of time...

You want to add more?

Friday, March 6

New Link Under Ted's Essays!

Lookit! Yippee, Vonne from The Fine Arts Composite Group at the explosively popular RedBubble forums interviewed ME! And she probed into my photo/art influences, what triggers and maintains my inspiration, what I want to get across artistically, the hardest obstacles, my plans, and my advice to the novice.

I'm psyched. If you've wondered about any of that stuff that I wonder about... just click on the link under "Ted's Essays" in the right hand column and enjoy... and gimme your reactions here... K? That'd be reeeeeely cool and visitors will get a chance to react to your reactions and on and on... Kew-el!

Sunday, March 1

The Second Largest Fantasy

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There are studies which show that the second most frequent fantasy of both men and women is time travel. And overwhelmingly the travelers want to explore history. They want to walk yesterday's streets.

I'm guessing that's why cities try to preserve large swatches of their downtowns. They're like living Disney Worlds. I call them 'squint streets'. You know, if you squint into the light just right, well you can can imagine that abruptly people are dressed differently. That the signs, and streets morph back into time. And... and... see... see... I have not squinched my eyes to peer back reeeeeely far, just to the 30s in Florence. But I'm guessing the next time you walk through this place, you can squint yourself way back farther, eh?

Once again, I've posted here the virgin images direct from my memory cards. The first was taken with my old Canon 20D through the 17-85mm at f6.3 at 1/100. The ISO was 800. It was still early morning at around 8:05 looking generally northeast. The 1930s Ford pickup truck is a utilitarian beauty. Built Ford-Tough when that meant something - these babies worked their way through the depression on both sides of the Atlantic.

And the street wending it's way through Florence has watched vehicles evolve for hundreds of years. Not sure what car's actually sitting half onto the ancient sidewalk. Is it an Audi? A Bugatti? Anyway, here's my tabletop shot grabbed in my office with direct light. I shot it with my new Canon G10 at an ISO of 400, f2.8 at 1/13th of a second. Handheld as usual (you know I have that tripod phobia). It's part of an antique miniature vehicle collection I keep on my office shelves. Why? It's a man-thing. If you want to see larger images, click on the thumbnails.