Sunday, January 29

A Tree Grows In Ephesus

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Its roots growing into a Grecian cellar, its limbs embracing a Latinate erection… A tree thrives in the Turkish air above what was once… the greatest city of its age… second only in size to Rome.

And now the mighty port city, trapped miles inland from the Aegean…. houses only marble ghosts… And trees like this that suckle upon subterranean leavings of empires down where legends feed the hungry roots.

Canon 7D, PS4, Topaz Adjust 5, Perfect Photo Suite

Thursday, January 26

Wednesday, January 18

Paradise Panels

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What is the difference
Between picturing
A truck and

And if something
Is trucky yet just
Pieces of
Things that are
Have we then
Merely pondered

The truck ruins sit garaged, or barned in a place nearby to Paradise, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. And since I found it in parts… it seemed best displayed… in panels, huh?

great big

Canon G10, PS4, Topaz Adjust 5, Custom photo-pop brushes and texture screens.

Sunday, January 15

Rockier Still

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Well, it's interesting to discover from the mail I've received about the Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys that most people were, like me, unaware of them. Fact is they were a delightful surprise when my host bought us there. Apparently Turkey has a treasure here that so many have never heard of. Unfortunately for me our schedule got us there at the worst time of day for the sun was glaring down almost directly. Oh well... That's what a lifetime of technical experience prepares us for, right?

So... here's a three shot pano with some heavy PhotoShop lifting to recover the dynamic range sufficiently so that shadows and highlights are not terribly lost. It's a bit more detailed than my previous Fairy Tunnel explorations.

Canon 7D, Pano stitched together in PS4.

Saturday, January 14

Winter Nears Blue Ball

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When you’re in summer,
The warm goes on forever
And winter’s little more than
A figment at day’s end.

When you’re in winter
Each wind is much colder than
The memory of summer’s
Way of making things live.

Near Blue Ball, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Canon G10, PS4, Topaz, AlienSkin: SnapArt, Water Color, Custom textures and brushes.

Wednesday, January 11

Fairy Tale

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There’s a living space
Behind a tree
Dug in the rock face
Where fairies lived.

Or that’s what they say
To explain it
There off the roadway
Long here abandoned.

Empty of all proof
Of the digger’s
Not really being
An ancient fairy.

Some Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia, Turkey.

Canon 7D, 4 image pano, PS4: Custom textures and brushes, Topaz Adjust 5, Alien Skin: Xenofex2: Fluffy Clouds, Exposure 4: Jaws Color Shift: Custom Adjustments. Custom plaster filter.

Monday, January 9

Good Morning Florence

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An oarsman snaps
His way along the
Mirrored Arno.

The light enwraps
Its coat over the
Ancient feeling.

Canon 40D, PS4: custom brushes, Topaz, AlienSkin: Exposure4: Color Slide: Agfa RSXII 100 <- My favorite film ever!

Monday, January 2

Pepper Fears Children

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It’s seventy years since
A nasty kid
Broke off her Salt’s head
And left him dying
In a puddle of powder.

Now she peers wildly
Maddened by the nearest giggle
Hoping to hide from
Hands unable to tell
Play from cruelty.

Canon 7D, PS4: Topaz Adjust5, Alien Skin: Bokeh 2, Exposure 4: Kodachrome II (1962-1974), Custom pop-spot texturing.