Monday, February 19

It Comes From Where?

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Sometimes the camera finds the image which drew me to it so perfectly that shudders happen. Then, while I sit in front of the monitor first one tool then another slides away superfluous light to discover sheer, pure, perfect colors you can practically run your fingers across. Finally what the camera found shimmers to a life that's beyond the actual moment when the shutter snapped - an image that's more true than real.
Is it fiction?
And how does it happen that I'm sitting there, and the release or creation of an image like this becomes a spectator sport?

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mcmurma said...

Ah, Ted. I have been quite busy the past few days and have had little time to stop and comment, even though I always find time to look. I dont mind telling yout that this image has engaged me since you put it up.

On the one hand I want to admonish you for making the tree so invisible, it doesn't make it into strong diagonal of your compositional play except through the suggestion of branches as they extend through the greenest of grasses. And you know what, that's enough. More than enough, even, for this image. Because its not about trees, its about the man and his bike, and the story it spins.

It leaves me in suspense as to how you treat these images, and to be quite honest, I really don't want to know. (coincidentally, perhaps, I am listening to one of Beck's latest releases, a tune entitled "Strange Apparition", and it fits so well... not just for this image in particular, but for your imagery in general, that it's spooky.)

Now, about music. You know I enjoy drawing parallels betweeen music and imagery, and I see that you have noted Bolling as one of your favored artists somewhere. So I feel compelled to say that, although I am familiar with none of his other works, I do have his "Suite for Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Piano Trio" on vinyl (aquired it from a second-hand store in search of classical treasures last year) and it instantly became one of my favorites. And your images remind me of this disc. Classic, Jazzy, all in that unpredictable and amazingly pleasing kind of way. Just thought you might like to know.

Keep up the fine work,