Monday, April 25

The Line's End

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She still stands there waiting
A whistle or smoke,
She still stands there waiting
Her lines thronged with folk.

But her tracks now are rusting
With weeds grown to choke
Off the chance to leave searching
For dreams that aren’t broke.
New Columbia, PA
Canon 40D/Canon EF-S 10-22mm (f3.5-4.5): PS4/Topaz, AlienSkin:SnapArt2, Watercolor, Custom brushes/textures (Thanks, Distressed Jewel)

Friday, April 22

Emporia Tanked

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Sunrise burns
Pepsi quenches.
It is not
A tankless

Emporia, Canon 40D: 40D: PS4: AlienSkin, Bokeh2: Topaz: Custom textures & brushes

Sunday, April 17

New Hope

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For some New Hope
Is a place where
There is an

On the part of
Some that they will
Not ever need
To conform to

What others think
That they have to
Do with their lives
Filled with new hope.

Canon 40D: PS4, AlienSkin:SnapArt: Topaz, Lucis Filters, custom brushes.

New Hope canal, New Hope, Pennsuylvania

Saturday, April 16

Not for sale...

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What not to do at a wedding.

Don't know about you, but friends sort of expect that I'll take pictures at weddings I'm invited to. And at the same time, they've hired a hard working pro. Now, I haven't done a wedding professionally in over 35 years. Maybe longer. And I won't. They don't stimulate my creative juices. Um... what I mean is that they are a commercial challenge. It's expected that the pro will do some very hard work in making certain that a number of formula pictures are taken.. quickly... with minimum interference at maximum quality. That pro expects to sell those pix and probably more at alá cart pricing. I'm not there to eat into that professional's earning's by taking the easy creative shots around the fringe. I will take a few images, and after waiting long enough that I'm comfortable the pro's made his/her sale... I gift my friends... BUT... It's take it or leave it, y'know? If they don't like what I like, um, tough.

You may recall that we went to my wife's niece's wedding last year. It's anniversary time and I'm thinking the pro's made his sale by now... soooooooo :-)

Saturday, April 9

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A vendor
Hawked his

She screamed
At crowds

She was then
For sale.
Carved art

Directly in front of the doors of the New York city’s Whitney museum, a street vendor’s table sat filled with carvings. Strangely, the seller was nowhere around, yet none from the jostling crowd seemed to want to steal his stuff.

Canon 7D: PS4: Custom brushes/filters, Topaz, AlienSkin: SnapArt, pastels.

Tuesday, April 5

Martini - Shaken

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I stood above
Chris’s Lotus.
And I
How heat…
Canon 7D: PS4, Tabletop, Topaz, AlienSkin: SnapArt, Colored Pencils, Custom: Textures & Brushes

Monday, April 4


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Chris loaned me his 2007 Corvette.
It's very ... very ... quick.

Especially atop a table.

Canon 20D: PS4, Topaz, AlienSkin: Bokeh2 & SnapArt: Water Color

Sunday, April 3


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And when
He did

Susquehanna Tree, Columbia, PA
Canon 40D: PS4 Topaz, AlienSkin: SnapArt, Colored Pencil – Custom brushes/textures/filters

Saturday, April 2

Cave Painting

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There is an urge
To deface space.
Like a dog’s need
To mark his place
With primal dung.

To boldly claim,
"This is my thing
See I’ve been here."
To scream aloud
“It’s about ME!”

The spray can is
Mightier than:
Maturity, or

The spray can is
What happened when
The stone age child
Ran out of stone..

Via Dei Bonizzi
Florence, Italy
Cannon 20D; PP: PS4, Topaz, AlienSkin:SnapArt:Colored Pencil, Custom textures and brushes.