Tuesday, September 28

Katelyn Again

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Do our eyes grow smaller, or our heads larger? Hmmm?

Monday, September 27

Nude And Descending Staircase

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Among the lost art (See Rotten Apple Explainedup there in the right hand column) was an image I created during a visit to the National Gallery of Art in Washington. But today I wondered how that image would look as my own artistic take on the art that we (American taxpayers) own. So I wondered reeeeeeely hard and ----- POOF! Lookit this! Now I'm not wondering.

Sunday, September 26

Thanks Flo

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Yesterday I uploaded a couple of images that I put together for a friend's jazz group. Take a look at Flo's comments. They were as precisely good as advice gets. The things needed more grit and smoky-jazzy feel. She pointed out that the guys were dressed oddly for jazz. That the drum's backlight was distracting. That It probably needed some wording. She wondered why I straightened the original image when the original cockeyed shot gave it more presence. Yep... all terrific comments. Which sent me back to the beginning... as it should have... Even the typeface I'd chosen wasn't JAZZY enough. And the text colors, while cool as that drum, weren't hot. And even cool jazz is HOT!

Right? Of course right.... Here's take 2. Comments? Lemme know.

Saturday, September 25

The Jazz Tones

Last week my business magazines celebrated their tenth anniversary. Yippeee! And we had a reception at the Penn Square Marriott in Lancaster. My friend Art Lumsden is a super successful CEO, he has another buddy who's a prominent attorney, and another who's heavy into IT selling. But... but just incidentally on weekends they are The Jazz Tones. They were the entertainment and Art asked if I'd snap a publicity picture for them. From the choices he selected this one.....
Which after straightening and color balancing looked like this.....
But of course I could not leave alone. Thought it might be useable as a poster. So? Wuddaya think of the final image on the bottom here? <- Click here
Incidentally, I did not use a flash... all natural light with my D70 at f4 and 1/13th/sec at ISO 3200 through my Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6. Is their grain? Uh-Huh. But I wanted a sense of nightclub grit so I really dialed up the ISO. Thing is, I had to add some grain to the final image since even at ISO 3200 these images are very acceptable even at large size!

Wednesday, September 22

Barn Wall

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Wandering around north county. In a barn there were some old pictures hanging on the wall. Discolored, faded... you know. Found some water damage but this one was under glass in its frame. Fun to watch it pop back out.

The D70's got a great processor in the dim florescent light. Great capturing color balance in the auto white mode. Oh yeah... I did cheat and add a texture screen and diddled in both Topaz and Alien Skin's Snap art. And, um, maybe I usedCS4's warp tool to create more of a 3D feeling. Okay...okay... I repainted the colors and altered the palette to make the feeling explode. And yeah, I warmed up the exposure a bunch.

But other than that... nada!

Fun, huh?

Monday, September 20

Nostalgic Or Historic Or Fabled?

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Does nostalgia belong only to the living? Are fables only as real as an imagination? And where does history fit between the two? I'm just sayin'....


Geek stuff: Canon 7D, texture, Topaz, AlienSkin SnapArt Oil, Table Top Art.

Tuesday, September 14

KatelynRose Is 1

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Visited Pittsburg last weekend. My wife's grandniece is one year old. It was all about her. So, that's what I took pictures of. Free model, y'know?

Friday, September 10

Anniversary Today

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On September 10, 2006 I launched ImageFiction. And I am not home today... nowhere near my images. So... so... since Apple managed to lose my original, first-ever, post... (See Rotten Apple Explained over there on the right)... I thought you might like, as much as I liked, "Heavy On Metal". Y'know, I'm still reeeeeely proud of this. Happy anniversary to me.. Tah-Dah!

Sunday, September 5

Rebecca knew better but...

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naughty Samuel had skittered through the door into the darkness toward the crumbling Herr place. She ran behind him in a night momentarily lit by a Fall moon breaking the cloud spattered sky.

Grabbing up Sam, Becca twirled toward home when from the abandoned place she heard, or perhaps felt, a whisper.

Camera: my Verizon cellphone’s 1.5 mpx. Had it with me just as I heard… or perhaps felt… the whisper :-)

PP: PS4, Topaz, AlienSkin: Bokeh2, SnapArt:2 -> Pointillism. Custom brushes. Construct from images found at a country tag sale and lonely farm-in-the-night pix.

Wednesday, September 1

A Jewelry Bridge

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They have made precious bauble art here for centuries.
All along the bridge, on each side are some of Italy's finest jewelers.
Now here's the question...
If you stand here at sunrise...
And squint your eyes way way down...
Wouldn't you swear that the bridge itself looks
Like the stuff that's made

I'm just sayin'....


The Geek Stuff

Ponte Veccio: Florence, Italy
Canon 20D EOS 10-22 mm @ 11mm, f7.1, 1/125sec, ISO 200 – 9:12am
PS3, Topaz and AlienSkin SnapArt Oil, custom brushes.