Thursday, July 31

Night Truck

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Here's the virgin image of Night Truck - direct from the FlashCard

Sunday, July 27

America To Me

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So what to do under the glare of the Dixie sun in mid summer? What to do when you're standing in the parking lot of a monster discount store? What's the story... the feeling... the idea... What runs together as the heat melts even primary colors down into streams of a place that's like the places that every American goes? How to turn the commonplace into a thought about the commonplace? As you feel the sun sear your skin to a bubbling consistency?

Here are the virgin pictures from my FlashCard... Comments?

Wednesday, July 23

2007 Awards Continued

Thanks a bundle for all of your mail and comments on other sites congratulating me for inclusion in The Canon POTN Collection Of The Finest Images of 2007. I hope I am not breaking any rules since the final announcements have not been made, but in reaction to your requests you will find the images which the judges selected if you click here.

Of course I'd appreciate any comments you'd like to leave on the images. I've collected this year's selections together with the three images of mine which were selected for inclusion in the 2006 Canon POTN compilation. I don't yet know when the book will go on sale (or come from the printer for that matter, since I was only asked last night to approve the copy which will be placed upon each of my images).

Again, thanks for your support.

Tuesday, July 22

YIPEE!! Awards!

I have just been informed that seven of my images have been selected for publication by Canon POTN in their Best Images Of 2007 for a Fall 2008 book. THIS IS HUGE! My images were selected from worldwide submissions by a group of distinguished judges and the votes of thousands of POTN members. As the publication date nears, I'll post links to the chosen images here. Meantime I am reeeeeeely psyched.

Isn't this cool? Last year I was overjoyed that three of my images were chosen for their first book of The Best of 2006 - but seven! There were only nine categories for which I could possibly qualify.... Seven of nine? YIPPEEEEEE!

Um.... cough.. Okay... getting it together.... Calming down and.... YIPPPEEEEE!

Monday, July 21


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Found her in Savannah... Where else?

Here's the virgin (!) image.

Saturday, July 19


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Legions shook mighty fists
While priests and druids
Hurled fearsome oaths.

In the end, time
Stormed against them.
To blunt their edge,
Their youth,
Their glimmering muscle.

Time is the gap between

Reign and rain.


Here's the virgin image from my Flash Card.

Friday, July 18


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You know what, in every direction I look... I'm framing.


Here's the virgin image from the flashCard

Tuesday, July 15


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What defines what? What completes what?

For example... is it the shoe that finishes the foot? Or the foot that finishes the shoe?


And here's the virgin image from the disc.

Sunday, July 13

Street People '08g

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Found the Magic Man just off of N. Marion St. last weekend. He had a small table and a tiny parasol. On that table he did tricks that left kids agape. Left me agape.

Agape is a goofy thing.


Here's the virgin image from the Flash Card

Saturday, July 12

Street People '08f

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An advantage of candid street portraiture is to capture the way personalities waft across the subject's face almost as quickly as we can pull the trigger. And each personality opens us into another short story.

Oh, here're the virgin image direct from the FlashCard... Whudaya think?

Thursday, July 10

Street People '08e

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Nope, didn't ask permission. And once again there's an instant just before her mask comes down. And you look inside her soul.

For those of you who want to see the virgin images... Here we go. Thoughts?

Wednesday, July 9

Street Portraits '08d

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Now for those of you who're sure that EXPLOSIVE! is the only setting on my saturation slider... Well take this! Another street candid with that long lens that won't always behave... in the middle of the day. But yet the subject was so pretty... and well... howzabout we swirl on just a touch of the romantic, eh?

Wuddaya think, a touch too far?

Let me know..... K?


And here's the virgin image from the FashCard

Friday, July 4

Street Portraits '08c

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Here's the third in this series of semi-candid street portraits. In some cases I ask permission, but after taking a few shots I go away, only to return later from a distance (the lens has an effective focal length of 450mm) and grab a few more. Sometimes the subjects are aware of the second series and sometimes not. Here's a case where the girl wasn't aware.

I'm convinced that a candid shot captures more personality... resonates more in my mind... than one in which the subject composes, then poses. Once again, there was a battle here with 1:30pm lighting. Increasingly I'm learning both how to win that battle and how to use it to dramatically pull out more of the my attitude about the subject.

Thursday, July 3

Street Portraits'08b

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Street Portraits

Wednesday, July 2

Street Portraits'08a

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Street portraits. Penny. Sweet.