Friday, February 2

Jersey Boys

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Forget... That's what you do when you haven't been to Broadway for some time. You forget that there's a filtration process and that the people whose product arrives on these stages are the very best that the American theater's got. The writers, directors, producers, musicians, and actors are all at the peak of their crafts and of their careers. So it comes as a startling astonishment to the people like me who get here every few years ... at just how good these people are.
Jersey Boys is about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. It won the awards last year. So these are the best of the best who are working just now. The audience went panty-throwing nuts. Women were hooting, men were shouting, the place rocked. See the way this image explodes! Imagine the pounding melody behind it. And then listen for thousands of hands clapping, and their owners standing up and screaming. You don't have to imagine this... I was one of them. It is that good. This time, I'll try not to forget.


Anonymous said...

Awesome picture, it made me more homesick than I realized I was capable of being for that city anymore. There's an unforgettable love.

Anonymous said...

Never been to NYC but your images certainly make me realize what I've missed. I did, however, see Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons in concert about 30 years ago so I am feeling a little nostalgic here. Good to hear that the show brought you so much pleasure.
Thanks for sharing.

Ted said...

You're right April. Rita and I lived in NYC years ago. It gets you hooked. But even a visit tends to handle the pangs. We get there at least once a year, and the ride by Amtrak is sooooo civilized, about 3 hours from Lancaster.

Bill... get to see Jersey Boys. It is magnificient. There were standing Os throughout. Sad to say, the guys in the show are way better than the original act. And yes, we too went to 4Seeasons concerts. In fact, we saw one the night I gave my wife her ring.

Thanks for sharing...