Thursday, December 31

Baby New Year - 2010

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Just a short nap now and then a whole new decade will happen for Katelynn Rose. And the murk of this decade fades in its light. Happy New Year everyone.

Sunday, December 27

What Are You Doing New Year's?

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Here's a variation.... a touch of New Year's fun while I'm awaiting ordering my new camera. Some of you might recall the original of this babe I posted some time back. Here she is again, all dressed up... and ready to PARTY.....

BEST WISHES EVERYONE!!! Happy 2010, and thanks for all of your support, suggestions, and comments both here and the passle who continue to lemme know what you think exclusively by email. That's why I've posted an email address over there in the colun on the right. You're my buddies... and you've made 2009 a nice year. In Angel's lingo.... MIL GRACIAS!

Wednesday, December 23

Sold My Camera!

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Yeah... I've been quiet here. don't have my Canon 40D anymore. I sold it a couple of weeks ago. Well, I've still got my G-10, but no camera body to use my lens collection. I also sold the the vertical battery grip. I figured this was the best time to get top dollar, but not the best time to buy a new camera body. See, what I want is the magical red button on the Canon 7D. It's a portal into a new whirled. And it will open through my total collection of lenses, filters and stuff.

I'm guessing that prices will tumble in January on the 7D. If they don't okay, I still got top dollar for my wonderful 40D (like new in the box with all the documentation). But it explains why I've been so quiet (in case you wondered about the quiet here and why I've been working some of my archives).

I think I mentioned that we are going to Peru in February, so I want that cool new red button access to a whole new learning curve. I did take the G10 out into the blizzard that passed through here last weeend. Oddly, I've not even looked at the images. I think I'm in a space between just now. Still reading about photographic ideas, and visiting all fo the sites (although pretty quietly for me).

BTW, recently I commented on a posted picture on the The Mindful Eye forum. I commented upon a post (which requested comments and suggestions) with a visual that I'd spent lot of time working upon to show how I thought it might soar. The artist was incensed that I'd made my comments by working on his image. Odd, I've nevre had that sort of criticism. After all, we are visual artists and comments are best made visually, right? He's made me gun shy. I haven't commented upon any images since. Guess it will pass, but for the moment at least I'm startled. In all of the years I've responded to requests for comments that way, this was the first burst of anger that's come back. Sigh...

Don't need it.

Any way... You all have a Happy Christmas, and enjoy whatever other holiday you celebrate this time of year. My best to you all and thanks for your support over the past years. When I get the new machine, I promise, I'll become a lot more active.


Monday, December 7


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It is what it is.


And here is the magician's secret revealed.... Enjoy.

Sunday, December 6

Rocco & Me

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My buddy isn't happy about cameras, even on - or maybe especially on - timers.


OKAY Andreas (see comments).... Here's some wisp of color... sigh.... I hate to break too much with tradition... why, the entire foundation of my political philosophy would shimmy, huh? Enjoy...