Thursday, February 8


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See, what I wanted to do was post a video tonight. I've played with iMovies which came bundled with my new MacBookPro... and made a cool little movie about some of my gear. But... that was three hours ago... I'm sleepy,and I can't figure out how to export the final product in a format which I can post. So... here.... here's a weed. A big weed.
Oh, the weed's okay. Dandelions grow large on Nantucket Island. And I like the way the wide angle lets the thing dominate everything around it. And I like the way that the mid day sun works in this image to create a high key composition that's almost an abstract.
But I'd have liked it better if I could have figured out how to post my video. Damn.

1 comment:

Andreas said...

Sorry it didn't work for you. but: it is a pretty fine weed :)