Sunday, February 25

Subtle? Nah!

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Okay... okay... This is cheesy. But %&$#! it is snowing outside again. Well, of course it's snowing "outside" where else would it be snowing? But that's the way this stuff is making me feel... FUDDLED! I am sick of monochromatic piles of icy cold resistance to life and frolic.
So that's why I did this image. I cranked up the color so high it will sear hambugers (which is what Rita is cooking down below, and they smell... delicious.)
Speaking of delicious. You know how McDonald's has created a perfect taste sensation with its french fries? Look you don't have to even like them to get my point. They have distilled out everything in that offering but taste! There's no redeeming nutritional value, and you sure can't compare the McD's experience with dining haute cusine... And yet... yet... It is a perfect experience.
Shallow... empty... vapid... and... perfect.
Which does leave you with a memory. Pass a McD's anywhere in the world, and if you've tasted those french fries, you will feel them on your tongue.
Art? Nah. Subtle? Nah.
Sort of like this graphic pumped full of color and then slathered over with the sponge filter from the PhotoShop stock set. I even cloned away every distraction. And now I can look outside my window at the bleakness, then gulp in the color from my monitor. And - well, there's no redeeming artistic value I suppose... but it sure tastes good on the tip of my spirit.

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