Wednesday, February 21

Flare For Effervescence

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When they invent neon chalk pastels... I will shift media. Or maybe they have, and they're called RGB pixels? And maybe I play with them daily? Like here. And maybe they let me diddle with the effervescence of night? Perhaps they make light into clay that I can knead, twist, and pull into places where it wasn't so that now it looks as if it belongs... Make that "feels" as if it belongs. At least to me.

Now wait, before you look at this photo and murmur, "Ted, it's a pity that the lens flare ruined that image...." Think at me. There are only a couple of really sharp things in this graphic. And when the artist allows something to become tack sharp... Well that's a clue. That's where I'm going here.

This is about flare, and night, and shapes that exist, and don't. Usually the real things are sharp. And that's the way it was out there tonight. Flare is more than an accident here, it's a guest. There's a reason I call this "Flareful Moments". It's about the effervescence of light. Monochrome night overpainted in neon chalk pastels.

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mcmurma said...

Great image. I think the flares add a very effective element, deepening the mystery and moodiness of this piece.

I like that the figure is not really a figure at all. But it could be. It has the size. A mechanical man, perhaps. It's almost otherworldly.

Also, the colors work great in this image. I love the splash of blue, as it compliments the warmer tones nicely.

But the one thing I enjoy the most about this image, indeed, all your images, is your ability to nail a composition to the board and skin it in just the way it should be skinned. No wasted meat, no wasted fur. It's fun to see.