Monday, December 31

1/1/19 • 12:39AM

Claude Monet wrote, "Light is in league with the passage of time. It is gifted with the power to change not just the color of things, but their form and substance too."

A warm New Year everyone. 

Monday, December 17

Black Bile


I cannot answer or comment upon comments to this blogsite!

Dunno what's happened but when I log in and attempt to reply to comments - for the past weeks - I've been abruptly redirected to the back room where posts are created and edited! Which is where I am right now, composing this essay. Meaning, I cannot post responses to your comments on this site!!! At least until I can figure out what's happened. 

Hence perspicacious thoughts like those from Felix and Andreas - have become orphans. Dunno what to do short of  tedious interaction with the Blogger folks (if there are any. I have a sense that Blogger is entirely managed by an algorithmic robot) so, given so many niggling details of life just now, it's a meeting that's impossible for me to schedule. Which, of course, injects me with a hot-shot of melancholy.

In the interim, if commenters would send me thoughts to the "Email Ted" mail link on the right - that'd be nice.

So, I'm pissed, since I've composed responses to every comment, but cannot drop them here. Grumble. Oh well... Merry and Happy season everyone. Hope it's blessed and wise. Meantime, I'll lurch around mumbling to myself in a cranky huff...

BTW, the 2019 Cranky Huff model has just been released to dealer showrooms where it throbs dully in one color... black matte.


Yep, I've responded to Cedric on this post... Now lemme goto the previously unanswered comments to past posts. Hope it works. Sorry about the rant, but I'm leaving the pict and my explanation. K?

That image up there? It's a Spanish bano serving an otherwise elegant restaurant. Don't know why, but bathroom engineering and design fascinate me the same way that Stephen King's stories used to. Anyone know what a Roman toilet-room looked like? Greek? Egyptian? Mesopotamian? Druid? Talk about "The power behind the throne..."