Thursday, September 14

An Unnatural Glow?

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They're cutting some fields early this year. A drought followed by winds and spot flooding tugged these Amish farmers out to grab what they could before rot came to visit. So here's an empty moonlit roughness with the city's glow sky-washing in a way that didn't happen a century back. Although it's certain that Amish were cutting some fields early then, right?

Look at that. Even late at night, "progress" is inescapable - it glimmers from the heavens.

In this recent series I seem heaven-obsessed. Maybe it'd be cool to come back to earth? But then again, except for the sky, and that harvest moon... this tiny colored melody is all about earth. Right?

BTW: Yes, this is a photograph. Sorta. Kinda. Mostly. Whuddever.

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