Monday, September 11


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Back in October of 2001 I created an illio commerating 9-11. I made two prints, and gave them to friends who asked. They were tiny things, done on an old Epson desk top printer with non-archival inks and papers. It depicted two arms poking upward through the smoldering rubble of the Twin Trade Towers... stretching.... reaching for the light breaking through the gloomy shroud of smog. I called it, "Flowers".

I wanted to post it here today. It's gone! Kaput... Pffft... Those two small prints are all that remain and they are not mine. Somehow I erased/trashed it. Perhaps that's a good thing. Maybe as those prints fade, and my memory of them weakens, things will heal. So instead here's another monument I pictured in an October. It was raised to a balloonist who owned our home until he died in an accident in the late 1800s. This monument sits some sixty feet from my front door. He perished reaching for the heavens. My "Flowers" were clutching for there as well.

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