Thursday, September 28

The Love Shack

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Is that an egg? A great big egg there to the right of the step? Who's Hank? Did he find love here? If not love, then what?

Do you wonder at all wha't inside of Hank's Love Shack? That door was open. Yeah, I went in. Would you believe it is an entire dimensional shift? That inside of that door is a wonderworld of bizzaro habits that would make a field rodent blush? Would you believe that the inside is in fact a vast space crammed full up with the product of Hank's libidinous fantasies?

Maybe.... maybe. I'd tell you what I found behind that door, but maybe your ideas are richer than that... or meaner... or fuller... and who am I to deny you? Odd isn't it, how the next guy's fantasies seem suspiciously like perversions?

Long day... I'm bushed. Signing off. Perhaps I'll take you inside some other time. Or tell you about that great big egg.

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