Tuesday, September 26

Porta Grit!

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I figure the band that owns this van can make a buck renting it out. Say you've got a small, bricks & shutter historical town like Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You know, one of those places that's steeped in history the way trendy-types are steeping themselves in green tea.

Well anyway, you've got this place, and you want to heat it up on weekends. Ramp up the urban grit so it will rock. No problemo... you rent a fleet of these vans. Park them all over the streets. Even get the city to bag the meters to encourage the owners to drop them for fortyeight or seventytwo hours. And when the weekend or holiday's over... FWOOOM! Drive the suckers away and you're back to a working city. Cool huh? I call them, "Porta-Grit". And at night, yoa - they be HOT!

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Ted said...

I must have decided that i didn't like this image. I wonder where I put it? Hmmm.... Itza mystery.