Friday, September 15


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Institutions frequently come packaged in stone. It's supposed to show how substantial, how permanent, how ROCK SOLID they are. And when the stone's carved into shapes conceived thousands of years ago - well you're mixing antiquity with the legendary obstinacy of classic ideals. Look at Lancaster’s courthouse. Could the ancestors have built with more durability? Whoa, who’d a thought that a few lugnuts might cause the entire thing to wobble?

That’s what’s happening. All three county commissioners have taken a whacky string of … Stooge-like... whomps at the foundation of government. The commissioners have replaced Madonna. Remember when you could go anywhere in America… go up to any strangers, ask, “Howzabout that Madonna?” and BINK! Instantly animated conversation.

That’s what’s happened here in Lancaster County. After a score of senior administrators have left, after two grand juries, after hundreds of thousands of dollars have wizzed down a rat’s hole of litigation… Well, you go up to any group of strangers, anywhere in the county and ask, “Howzabout them commissioners?” and BINK!

We can feel the ground under that substantial county seat… jiggling like a bikini top full of Pamela Anderson. The building might be stone but its foundation, it turns out, is fragile as the three conversation-makers who now sit in the county seat.

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