Wednesday, September 20


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So you're at work, or maybe in a meeting. And you want to concentrate. There are even great big issues to focus on. Things that nobody could ever miss. Gordo concepts... They're gyrating around and zapping off colors in the glare of lights.

Then "POP!" You're ten years old at the ball game and something rings way up there in the distance. And... and... no matter how tempting and teasing and down right important the thing that brought you to that spot is... You're pulled to the ringing. And it's a phone. And you're supposed to answer it. But you're supposed to pay attention to the BIG IDEA in lights. Yet no, the phone. But no... the gyrating idea. And.. and... You're pulled all ways at once. And that's your work day. And maybe your meetings. And you wonder... Why isn't it as much fun as it used to be. And then, something else rings.... Way up there. Up high... and you can't help looking and wondering just what you're there for anymore...

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