Friday, November 2

Steps To?

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Around the corner from yesterday in Pompeii, some stairs. Sloppy masonry,no? Do you think that Malvinicus had a slave contracting service? I wonder how many sestares these things set somebody back? I also wonder how old they were when Vesuvius packed them away for our viewing pleasure? Did Romans look at them and say, "Ewwwww!"... old stuff. Or were they new arrivals, hardly used? Judging by the wear on the steps, I'm guessing they'd been around for a while and were part of the morning gridlock. I wonder what a Pompeii traffic jam was like? You think the slaves backed up? You think Malvinicus used traffic as an excuse for getting things done late?

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Chad Oneil Myers said...

I like these steps, Ted.

Glad you enjoyed my barn shot.