Tuesday, November 20

Florence 2: Mike's Coming, Right?

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To a short term visitor, Florence is as much a swirl of moods as it is hard stuff, like stones, glass, hills, and paint. There are phantoms here of great emotions that you can sense even at a typical street corner aglow in the morning’s first light.

It seems to me that a painter forms a feeling while a photographer reveals one. It’s not just the difference in our impliments but we have an enormously diverse set of materials to work with. Here, I had the feeling that Michelangelo could just strut around that corner to the left on his way to release David from a large piece of marble.


John Roberts said...

Except for the painted crosswalk, I doubt this scene is much different than when "Mike" was walking these streets. You did a good job of capturing the atmosphere of Florence in this image. To me, that's what makes a great travel photo, as opposed to just recording what someplace looks like.

Debra Trean said...

I really like the limited amount of color in this image. The fabulous shapes and the general warm but empty mood it leaves me with.