Saturday, November 3


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During services at the vatican there is a side area where an elaborately dressed child wandered (this was a Thursday 10am mass, I believe). This image seems to have something substantial going on, but what? At first glance it seems little more than a snapshot, although I worked at the composition. Maybe it is just a snap... And yet...

Any thoughts? Anyone want to fill in a back-story to explain this moment?

GEEK STUFF: Canon EOS 20D, 10/04/07:10:49am: Lens 17-85mm, Focal Length: 64mm, Exp 1/25@f/5.6, ISO 400, Metering Mode: Patern, Expoure bias 0, Camera RAW


Andreas said...

Interesting, isn't it? It is definitely no snapshot. It looks like a metaphor or an allegory, but I have no idea of what :)

And obviously it is successful, because it makes us wonder. And now we are here and wonder, you in Lancaster, I in Carinthia, a priest and a girl in Rome, and we wonder what this image could mean. Puzzling? Indeed.


mcmurma said...

Agree with Andreas. Not a snapshot at all. This image reveals too much of a story, and yet presents the viewer with too many questions to be a snapshot.

Debra Trean said...

This image speaks VOLUMES to me - what a precious moment!!!!

Eric said...

Much more than a snapshot. Wonderful moment, great composition. The hands make the story for me!