Tuesday, November 6


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Yesterday I worried over how difficult it is to establish the dimensions of St. Peter's. Regardless of how often you've seen images of this space, you can't buy a wide enough angled lens to get the impression that happens when you walk through the door and look up! As you can see from these pictures, the room dwarfs people.

And I mentioned the size of these two angels that are part of this water fount. Still, even with folks next to all of these things... can you understand the heft of the sculpture? There must be a way to communicate the massiveness. Any ideas? There's gotta be some angle, lens, effect... whatever... that will do it, right? I just lack the imagination. Help!

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Debra Trean said...

Impressive and amazing isn't it and maybe a triptych is the answer one of my friends does them often and I am seeing EVERYTHING as a triptych and that word is cool too!