Sunday, November 11

And The Meet Goes On

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As you’re herded through the Vatican Museum you pass shelves of senatorial busts. Look at enough of them and you begin to see people you think you’ve met. Yeah, really. They’ve captured the tiny muscles that fit our faces into our passions. These guys were, no – are - real. You can hear the senators saying senatorial stuff at each other. Or past one another just like today.

As I realized their reality the din all around me seemed to echo those debates that never engage. You know where neither party listens to the other? Their arguments don’t take, they are like flash fads – the junk food of policy making – empty calories with no governmental legacy.

Didja ever notice how some wonderings resemble cement that never gets solid enough to build upon? They get debated and your head hurts because each side seems so right that finally we decide not to decide, and choose today over tomorrow. And at that instant of opting to do nothing, well from there on debate gets replaced with drama.

The Romans had a lot of those disagreements until around 471 AD they ended.


Debra Trean said...

Such a creative display of your thoughts I just love son does comic work so the added balloons with words and the manner in which you designed this is fabulous. You are so creative on a topic most would not dare to explore in this way. I LOVE IT...

Eric said...

Hmmm would this be a tell tale sign of a fan of the Invisible Art? Sequential Art or Juxtaposed Sequential Visual Art? As usual your commentary makes a point and has us chuckling.

Andreas said...

Uhmmm .... yes. At least that's what he recommended to me :)