Thursday, May 31

Trinity In The Window

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I'm off to see the world tomorrow. Well, okay... off to see America. Um... The American South. The east coast of the American Deep South. Where hanging moss decorates the great elms. And mint juleps are served on silver trays. Where the pace and charm are southern. Where people work smarter, not harder. Heat teaches them all of those things.

Which means I may not post much until the eleventh since someone else will be here in my home. But before I go to see a an old friendly place with fresh eyes - here's a look at a place which no one has ever seen before. This image shows the facade of a grand old department store once owned by Watt&Shand families. They've carefully peeled off this facade to build a grand Lancaster Convention Center and multiple star hotel behind it. And for just this moment in time you can peer through that Gay 90's wrapping and see the colonial grandeur of Trinity Lutheran Church in the setting May sun.

By Fall the windows will fill up with Convention Center things leaving this the last time that visitors will see Trinity once again from the city square. Here... share this moment with us. Remember what may never happen again.

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