Sunday, May 6

Spooky House

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Spring along Indian Marker Road seems to speckle the place with a sort of ominous color. Everywhere else in the world, Spring elates the spirit... but here... it pokes at it a tad. Even pricks it in a way that's just the tiniest amount discomforting. Can't quite put my finger upon why... Can you?


Anonymous said...

Discomforting? Oh yeah. Puts me in mind of Tom Waits' House Where Nobody Lives. The daffodils are a reminder that " Once it held laughter
Once it held dreams" and I imagine that the people who lived here abandoned their home in something less than happy circumstances. "Did someone's heart break Or did someone do somebody wrong?" Maybe, but whatever the story this is a most entertaining and evocative image. Thanks for the posting Ted.

mcmurma said...

The lighting in this image is what draws me into it. Like so much of your work you have made heavy use of darkened skies to get the result you are after (it is a bit heavy and uneven, though, on the left side of the house). These contrasts between the illuminated foreground and darkened background really make the subject stand out. And while I know you are not a big fan of black and white, this image almost begs for it. The color that is present is not central to the feeling of image, IMO, and with the amount of texture here you could render this in grays with great success. I'm not saying it would be better, just different.

And that tree. Gosh what an awesome looking tree. The bole on that thing looks like the arm of some subterranean devil coming up to play.