Thursday, May 10

Short Term Memory

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Once upon a time I took baby pictures for $$s. Mothers taught me what they'd pay for. It was labor intensive and price sensitive. But school bills had to be paid, so the little darlings' images got churned out the way Hershey makes Skittles. It was one of the reasons I came to hate photography. Weddings were another.
Now I refuse to charge. If mothers or brides or mothers of brides don't like what I see... I don't really give a damn. Frankly, my baby and bridal pictures have improved explosively. Odd when you won't put a price on your pictures, people will offer you large prices. Go figger...


Chad Oneil Myers said...

"Improved explosively", I like that phrase.

Cool effect on this image.

Andreas said...

I just came back from my sister. She has a baby of six weeks, my niece Sarah, and whenever I see her, I wonder how incredibly vulnerable mankind is. Look at horses: they make their first steps only minutes after birth, still wet from delivery. How incredibly long it takes for a human child. Isn't that fascinating?