Friday, May 18

The Ambiguity Of Wonderment

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In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries they called the middle state between ignorance and knowledge: wonderment. Have things changed much? I like middle states - they are where ambiguity lives. And that might also be another way of expressing wonderment.
This image is an ambiguity... or a conundrum. Is it of something going in, or coming out? If I clicked an instant later, or earlier - would that have resolved it all? Does time overcome ambiguity? And wonderment? As we age, is that what cynical is about? Is that what time does? Is maturity the death of wonderment?

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Okay... and now for all of you who've wondered wuddahell this thingee is... Look! It's the new drainspout sitting within the old drainspout outside of my old historical home... Hence the iron collector at the bottom. I guess i cheated by turning it into a horizontal?


Anonymous said...

"Is marurity the death of wonderment?" Too often, I think, the answer is yes. We are born into wonderment. But somewhere along the way, ever so slowly, it slips away from us. It's lost because we get so busy categorizing, labelling and pigeonholing the world around us that we bury our natural sense of wonderment in a soup of rationality. But it doesn't hafta be that way. Simply by learning to be in the moment, by being right here, right now by learning to "let it be" and practicing equanimity towards all that we experience that sense of wonderment can be ours again.

This time around, however, we have to work at it, we have to peel off all the layers, one at a time, to get back there.

So, I should be happy just to look at this image and accept it for what it is, or isn't, and leave it at that. But I can't do it. I can't , or won't, let it be. I gotta know. What in tarnation is it?

Chad Oneil Myers said...

I hope Maturity is not "the death of wonderment".