Tuesday, May 8

Rails Scraped White

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The sons of Pullman porters ride their father’s magic carpet
And the rhythm of the rails is a gentle heal….
The Warren F. Bennet sways along a metal highway that once lashed America together with a tenacity tighter than politics, entertainment, revivalism, and the greenback dollar all mixed together and baked in a Bessemer oven. There are still patches of glimmering steel scraped white by the Warrem F. Bennet’s wheels. And inside there’s still the air they breathed when Lincoln rocked along toward Gettysburg to tell about forefathers, nations, Liberty and equality – and to remember how some short distance to the west from Lancaster a great cause – caused so many to bleed. When the Warren F. Bennet rode a younger magic carpet made of steel.


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog recently.

I was just admiring your latest images on here, very nice.

Andreas said...


that's a funny image. It looks like it had its fair share of motion blur, and normally motion blur is something that I don't like at all. But then how is it used here, implying an impossible motion to the side?

There is a certain kind of reflection that is impossible to photograph, at least when you want to avoid anything else becoming pitch black. Of course you can always use HDR, and it really helps you to retain detail in the most brightest flash of light, but at what a price?

It's all there. A bright flash of light, blinding, forceful, a motion blur and over-saturated colors substituting what tones can't do. Reminds me of Scott McCloud and his discussion of motion lines.

This is an image I'll remember well :)