Monday, May 28


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Once upon a time kids imagined they would fly about crystal cities seamed together by gleaming chrome supports. And since they were children, there was little need to deal with the challenge of the bricks and mortar which weathered all about them. Youth invent new structures while adults perfect the old.

True urban creativity happens in the crack between those searching after an opportunity for the fresh in places filled up with a perfectly serviceable legacy. What’s true for buildings, walls, and windows – is true for ideas, imaginings, and dreams. When you run out of room for stuff, conservers will always struggle against replacers.

Techie Stuff: Sunday 5/27/07, 2:46 pm: Uncropped: Canon EOS 20D, Lens Canon EFS 10-22mm, Focal Length 10 mm: ISO 100: Exposure Bias:-0.33: 1/320 @ f11. Enhanced PS CS3.

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