Sunday, January 14

Ticket To Ride

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So it seems that my litte ride over to Strasburg last weekend resulted in a some posts here and visits to my website, where they're saved under the "Lancaster County" tab.
Which got me to wondering what sort of poster a gallery about that visit ought to look like. Since I don't do that kind of graphic art, but really admire artists who do, I thought I'd give it a try... To create an introductory image that would both identify the collection while encouraging visitors to explore them.
How's this work?


Bill Birtch said...

That's a great poster Ted. It certainly works for me. I found the white print on the wheels in the foreground distracting though and would probably have cloned it out.

Ted Byrne said...

Thanks for the viewpoint Bill. Hmmmm... Maybe it's not a good reason, but I did consider cloning away those numerals. Then I thought that I wanted this thing to look reeeeeely authentic. You know how a magician tries to distract with his free hand while the other one's slipping a rabbit in the hat? Well I wanted just the slighest distraction from some of the enhancements I did that weren't authentic. I mean hey, "If the guy was stupid enuf to leave in the numbers, hell... everything else's gotta be real, no?"