Wednesday, January 24

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The first time you see a beauty it is her hair, dress, makeup... smile or glower that snares your memory recorder. There's no 'one' to know yet, but some 'thing' to experience. A short visit anywhere is like that. We see veneer. If it glimmers, if it's buffed bright, if it's raucous, flashy, warm or golden... That's the thing we experience. From street level, New York's like that... outside. Even when you go inside they still show you the outside that's in there, never behind the scenes, or in the offices, kitchens, basements, or closets. So this trip was a short time of seeing what New York wanted us to see. And in those few moments, she is a great beauty.
BTW: we stayed at the Inter-Continental the Barclay at 11 East 48th Street. There's a word that they want to resonate when you process your memories of this place... Elegant.
Tomorrow, I'll take you inside.

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Andreas said...

Wow, that's impressive! A labyrinth of perspectives, a journey contained in an image. One really has to walk around and always is gently led back. Fabulous, also for the use of light!