Friday, January 26

@ Playwrite

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we stopped at the Playwrite for lunch and other things. It's an Irish pub, Chris on the other hand is of German stock. None of which accounts for gin & tonic after Labor Day... Nope, thirst accounts for that. This place is in the middle of the theater district just off of Broadway and served up the piles of corned beef and cole slaw on bread. I sort of hoped we'd catch some actors filling up before their matinees. Still, it's a typical downtown Manhattan bar. Chris will publish a story about out trip in one of his papers next month. As you can see, we captured the flavor, which happened to be, in this case, the flavor of tonic seasoned with gin.

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Andreas said...


I'm coming back to this image again and again, I guess that means it is good :)

At first I missed the colors, white balance seemed odd for a pub, somehow it looked different from your recent works and I was not sure if I like it. Well, I'm sure now that I do :)