Saturday, January 20

Mom's Thing

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I noticed during Mom's last years that somewhere near her sat this. Her habit of changing favorite chairs meant new side tables to hold the debris she liked handy. And sooner or later her crystal strawberry showed up there. She never mentioned why, or as I recall, never mentioned it at all. Where it came from? When? Mysteries. I only know where it went... right now it's right over there... on my closeby bookcase. Since her death, it seems to follow me around. Glimmering quietly. It was precious to her, so it's nearby as I type these words.
Probably it has little value anywhere but close to me, where it's priceless.

BTW: going on a trip through Tuesday. Won't be near enough to my tools to post util then. Sorry, but life beckons. Hope to come back with some edgy work.

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Eric said...

Hello Ted,

I’m a fan of your images finding them first on the RV and of course here on your blog. I enjoy lingering over and contemplating the combination of your description and your photographic creations! Lately I have been visiting my mother quite a bit as she is recovering from a recent double knee replacement. Photography in a nice way and major medical events in a jarring way, should increase our sensitivity to the world around us. As I read your post and looked at your mother’s crystal strawberry, I realized how much more aware I am today than I was just a few weeks ago of the trinkets and odd artifacts that mean something to my mother and that she keeps close by. It is a lovely story and a beautiful image thank you for posting it.