Friday, January 25


Earlier this week I wrote about my MacBook Pro crashing for the second time in about 90 days. Once again the internal Seagate HD experienced a catastrophic crash. The first time this happened I was in Florence, Italy - but I'd backed everything up meticulously. Still it was messy and took endless hours first working through diagnostics with Apple on the phone (it's a fairly new machine and under full warranty), then I sent it in, got it back and spent the best part of a day reconfiguring everything.

When it happened again this week I was unhappy... very very very .... unhappy. On the phone with Apple, I first requested a new machine. They refused. I then offered to pay the difference between the used price of my machine (a 17" MacBook Pro - BTW) and the latest model. After all, I could have received that used machine price if it had not crashed as a result of their problem.

They refused and wanted to begin the telephone diagnostics again. I refused. They then asked that I schedule an appointment at a distant Apple Store with a 'genius'. I refused and demanded they send out a box. They did. They also promised that they would replace the entire machine if it went down again.

It was gone from Monday until Wednesday while they once again discovered the toasted HD and put in another Seagate. But I cannot put aside the necessary hours until tomorrow to retro fit everything on it.

Oh... this time I had NOT backed up key data. I lost two folders. One involved interview notes for an article which I cannot reschedule (I am a writer and a magazine editor). The article is lost. The other involved an equally important set of notes for a marketing program I am constructing. It is also lost.

I have first to copy all of my key info from my home MacPro to the laptop. That puts both machines out of service until the procedure is finished. It took several hours last time. I've started that process, but I suspect that I shall have no useful computers when I arrive home, nor will they be usable tonight. So.... NO POST here today. Damn!

I'm doing this post on my Mac Mini here at my business office. Hopefully all will be fixed in time to do a post here at ImageFiction tomorrow (Saturday).

Still, the whole thing has me spooked about trusting my laptop again. Apple apparently has a quality control problem. Others have complained about this Seagate drive but neither Seagate nor Apple will admit to a problem.

Warning, if you want top-of-the-line cutting-edge performance... buy a Dell or an HP... you'll save a lot of money and gain confidence if you avoid Apple's best laptop machine.



Anonymous said...

I can sympathize with you as I am sure all your readers (viewers) do. I can't help but compare your plight to what our artist forebearers withstood. Can that comparison be made? Did brushes, chisles, paint malfunction? Did the canvas primer eventually react with the paint and canvas to render the work lost? My guess is that it did at times so my conclusion is that frustration builds character and determination. Is that bad?... No. Exasperating... Yes. Segate is a tool, Apple is a tool, Dell is a tool. The vision is carbon based and as long as that is true to the art then it doesn't matter what tool is used. Too much to do and not enough time and I lost my tools. Is a carpenter still a carpenter if he doesn't have his tool belt?

Yesterday's 34 Ford was an extremly good composite that was moody and nostalgic. By the way, I drove my dad's Morris Minor in my youth. Zero to sixty in a minute flat.

The limits to photography was a valuable insight. The talent to turn out such a vastly different product is inspirational. You should look at It is similar to how you modify and accent your work.

Ted said...

(Traub): " Is a carpenter still a carpenter if he doesn't have his tool belt?"

Whoa! Whudda kew-el question. I love it. That's worth meditating upon. You always find ways to look at things that stretch my feelings. Thanks a lot.