Sunday, March 1

Volubilis Rocks

c. 85AD: Detail of the Volubilis Triumphal Arch

Niche marketing? Hmmmm... Howzabout another title, "Volubilis Is Stoned"? Or was... 

These ruins were originally clad in marble which was later quarried to clad churches, mosques and public buildings by the Berbers, Christians, and Muslim over
succeeding ages.

Oddly this city continued to stand, inhabited, until 1755 when an astounding earthquake some 700 miles to the north in Portugal, buried it. Since the 1912 the French and now UNESCO have slowly uncovered and rehabilitated some of the ancient ruins revealing the great olive-growing wealth of this Western capital of Rome's breadbasket in Northern Africa.  

GEEK STUFF: Hand held Canon 7D MkII, Canon EFS 17-85mm (f4-5.6), ghastly mid-afternoon February lighting under cloudless sky.  Remember, these are the bones of construction once boarded over in marble. The construction/engineering of the city was high by modern standards with extensive underground plumbing, sewage, and radiant heating beneath the homes and streets. For about three centuries none of this infrastructure showed to the city's visitors or residents. It must have dazzled beneath the North African sun.

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