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Morocco Images 2020 - Rabat II (Fixed)

Rabat and its country are ancient with even its modern North African roots sunk deeply into the Middle Ages. Unsurprisingly then, Morocco's culture is steeped in tradition and traditional roles.

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Plate 5

Ramparts mingle with the ruins of Rome then medieval Europe. Cultural traditions confront secular influences muscling from just North of the country across the Gibraltar Straights. Consequently this centrally hierarchical system  depends upon a need for gatekeepers and tastemakers

Plate 6

 Rabat is a port city and a vacation playground for Western Europe. So the wealthy 'foreigner' mingles ideas and feelings with the swirl of inherited Berber and Arab traditions. 

Plate 7
The guy below? He's a 'Water Man' whose traditional career's been handed down through his family. Career? Uh-huh. In Morocco it's illegal to charge for water. But a guild of men delivered the liquid and are still paid for their service. I'm guessing though that his pay in tips for photographic modeling overwhelms water deliveries in a modern city that's got a sophisticated water treatment and piping system. 

Plate 8

As both the nation's capital and one of its four royal cities, Rabat houses the nation's king and court when they visit. Each of Morocco's four Royal cities hosts a palace housing hundreds of family retainers. All of their inhabitants maintain an inherited job. The nation's constitution provides for an elected parliament but the King still commands this nation's military. Representatives of each of the armed forces in dress uniform stand duty daily in defense of king and retinue. The appeal of tradition is useful to sustain the system in power. 

Plate 9

A force that also stands ceremonial duty at tombs of past Kings and historic sites. Tradition's been called 'the tyranny of the dead'.

Plate 10

Unsurprisingly then, the tombs of revered past king's of Morocco are defended by a Royal Guard who seem somehow angelic in their ritualistic presence.

Next,Morocco II: on the road between Rabat and the Royal City of Fez: a stop at the ancient Roman city of Volubilis - soon. Stay tuned. 

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