Monday, September 20

Nostalgic Or Historic Or Fabled?

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Does nostalgia belong only to the living? Are fables only as real as an imagination? And where does history fit between the two? I'm just sayin'....


Geek stuff: Canon 7D, texture, Topaz, AlienSkin SnapArt Oil, Table Top Art.


John Barclay said...

Damn I love your stuff. I find myself wanting to try and do stuff like it I don't want to copy it... it is so good!

Ted said...

If I was denied the influence of other artists... you would simply see a dark posting each time I brought something onto this site John. Now, lettuce see what you can do with tabletop art. I guarantee you that even if you try to copy... slavishly copy.... my stuff. What you will produce will be uniquely and magically yours. Gettoit! K? And... and.... thanks a whole lot for your support John it means a lot to me.

BTW, I have often seen work that I enjoy and have sat down to do something just like it... and have never succeeded. But have succeeded in saying exactly what I eventually wanted to say. Go figger, eh?