Friday, September 10

Anniversary Today

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On September 10, 2006 I launched ImageFiction. And I am not home today... nowhere near my images. So... so... since Apple managed to lose my original, first-ever, post... (See Rotten Apple Explained over there on the right)... I thought you might like, as much as I liked, "Heavy On Metal". Y'know, I'm still reeeeeely proud of this. Happy anniversary to me.. Tah-Dah!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to your website, Ted! Still going strong after quite a long time, it provides a lot of food for perception. That first post (I didn't see it then) certainly was a worthwile start.

Bill Birtch said...

Happy anniversary Ted. It's been quite a journey and I'm thankful that I've been along for the ride. Looking forward to at least another 4 years of your entertaining images and words.

John Barclay said...

Happy Anniversary Ted. Keep it going!

Andreas said...

Damn it, I missed it! Happy happy from me as well. And - did I ever mention how gorgeous this image looks as a print?

April said...

Happy Anniversary Ted! I look forward to enjoying another year of your provocative work.

flo (tonebytone) said...

Ted, I too missed your anniversary! So a belated congratulations!

BTW, since you don't post regularly, I don't waste time coming every day - more like every week or so.

Now Andreas manages to post something almost every day, even tho it might be from his archives. So I know if I take the time to go check out his blog each day, I'll find something new. But I don't get there every day, either, lol.

So all you bloggers who might read this, if you want more traffic to your blog, you almost have to post more frequently than once a week or every other week or only every month or so.