Wednesday, September 22

Barn Wall

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Wandering around north county. In a barn there were some old pictures hanging on the wall. Discolored, faded... you know. Found some water damage but this one was under glass in its frame. Fun to watch it pop back out.

The D70's got a great processor in the dim florescent light. Great capturing color balance in the auto white mode. Oh yeah... I did cheat and add a texture screen and diddled in both Topaz and Alien Skin's Snap art. And, um, maybe I usedCS4's warp tool to create more of a 3D feeling. Okay...okay... I repainted the colors and altered the palette to make the feeling explode. And yeah, I warmed up the exposure a bunch.

But other than that... nada!

Fun, huh?


flo (tonebytone) said...

Ted, this is one of your masterpieces! I'll bet the farmer in whose barn you found this wouldn't recognize it!

I do love all the post processing. I don't consider it cheating at all when you add texture. After all, this is supposed to be an old timey painting, right? I like how the ships fade in and out, like there was a real battle going on and sometimes areas got obscured by smoke.

Cedric said...

I don't know what it looked like before but this looks great Ted. Masterful work.

Andreas said...

Wow! That's utterly impressive. It's even beautiful, terrifying and beautiful, in the same way as Apocalypse Now is beautiful.