Thursday, July 30

Night Shelter

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Digital artists maneuver in a space between technology and magic. A technician is judged by the reproducibility of his results. It is just the other way around for the artist. Rearranging reality is well within the privileges of my poetic license. Technique is a language… it allows communication between subject, artist, and audience. Artists aren’t so much spectators as they are speculators about information.

Feelings find shelter in the night… and in dreams.

We are what we feel.

PreProcessing of each of these elements happened In Florence, Italy through my Canon 20d's EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens. PostProcessing in my MacBookPro with PS CS4 where I brought together my scene and its protagonist using AlienSkin's SnapArt to create the theatrical moment.


Gelfoto said...

Simply spectacular!!!!!!!


Andreas said...

Yup. that's absolutely spectacular. And: I am always amazed by how far you go back for material :)