Friday, July 31


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Imagination works between different versions of the truth… it fills in the inconsistencies either merging the alternatives or patching up the one chosen. Imagination’s a lot like the corner man in a prize fight. He tries to un-batter the fighter between rounds. Tries to send back a champion each time.

The fine artist understands that there’s a difference between showing a moment and cracing open its meaning. Artists communicate auras…. That curious mesh of time and space that‘s a carrier for quality and character.
PreProcessing This is, of course, the protagonist from yesterday’s Night Shelter captured in a Florence Street with my Canon 20D’s EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens. PostProcessing Layers of PS CS4 to model this man’s aura into three dimensions and then the generous use of AlienSkin’s Bokeh to isolate him so I could finally turn to SnapArt for a subtle layering of oil strokes.

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Mike H said...

A powerful image made even stronger through the filter of your mind, you are a fine artist...