Tuesday, July 28

Angry Making

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If you lived paint, worked to make your hand behave your eye, and labored to master drawing, color, form, texture, shape and dimensions.... It has to piss you off to see that now there's none of that between a moment and the artist's feeling except a button and a swirl of the computer's mouse.

I believe that images have to be about something - something that is not photography. If it is merely about photography it is merely about craft. Instead I need to find feelings that aren't words. If they are words, then why not write them instead of imitating them in an image?


PreProcessing Last week in Grand Central Station. That's in New York City. Three shots with my Canon G-10 to create a triptych. Like stained glass in a great basilica... which in a way Grand Central is. The church of bustle, of mid-point, of arrival, departure, of scurry to wait. It is a place for grand tension and release - which is a metaphor for cathedral. PostProcessing Simple glam layer sandwiching, abstracted into neon with pointilism courtesy of AlienSkin's SnapArt2.


Gelfoto said...

Good photography, good processing, I like the idea of three pictures


Andreas said...

This kaleidoscopic triptychon is a fine idea and matches your feeling of stained glass in a cathedral perfectly.

As to feelings that are not words, well, at least here you have succeeded. Of course this is always a matter of numbers. With enough words you can describe everything, so it's probably more a question of how succinct you can be in a medium.

Anonymous said...

Ted, I do like this triptych - but it doesn't look like stained glass to me. Sure, as long as we view it on a computer screen that glows from behind, it does have certain glowing qualities.

But print it on paper - and we'd get an impression that this was a mix of water colors and colored pencil on rough textured paper.

And so we viewers allow our imaginations to control our eyes up to a point before our past experiences take over, ruling that this can't be stained glass - it's gotta be a painting on paper - esp since the texture treatment you gave it is of that of a thick paper.

But even tho it started as photographs, you've "artisted it" out of that category permanently. No way would anyone say this is a photograph any longer.

I love the impressionistic feeling this has, tho - and that's what you were after, right? Hustle and bustle - this has everything except the noise and the odors, lol. I think it's a great work of art.