Saturday, April 18

Have You Found Bokeh?

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The software magicians at Alien Skin have a new application called 'Bokeh'. Oh, alright, I don't know how new it is, but I just discovered it. There's a free thirty day download and you can play with all of its functions.

I discovered Belle on a shelf in a run down tourist trap. See there on the bottom of this post? That's where she stood among a bunch of Gone With The Wind flotsam.

I never could figure out what to do with Belle. She seems to niggle at me to find her a place in an image. And maybe I shall some day. But that's not the point. Nope, I wanted to try Bokeh out on something, so I pulled Belle up and in about ten minutes this is what I made. I can see so many subtle (yeah, I know this one's over the top... don't nag me... K?) ways to use the effects this PhotoShop fllter allows. I'm in love... I think. Wuddaya think? Let me know, and if you try their free demo offer, let me know where you've posted your experiments, this looks like a silver bullet, huh?

Oh, and here's the link to AlienSkin's Bokeh , enjoy...

And here's the original...

Click There

And here's a last variation.... Hmmmmm.... Not real manly though... Gotta think on this one, eh?


Bill Birtch said...

Nice one Ted. You got my attention with this one so I followed your link, downloaded the demo and tried it out on an image from yesterday where I'd used guasian blur to achieve the same effect. Using the plug-in was easier, faster and I liked the results, which I posted on my blog, much better. Thanks for the tip. This may be a keeper

Ted said...

Saw your fling with Bokeh on your blogsite... Yeah, this one's fun.