Thursday, April 16

Bill Died

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I'm tired tonight.

Sometimes life wears us down,huh? I missed Billy's funeral this morning.He died quietly in his sleep last weekend. The mass was in Palm Beach and there was no way to get down to Florida in time... too many balls in the air here. And that's my point about life... it's exhausting keeping all that stuff aloft.

You may recall Bill Manson. Click here to see the original posting back on December 9 of '07. It remains one of my favorite portraitsr... because I can find Billy in there. I can see him in those eyes and the slightly pursed iips. I can feel the dash of the memory he wafted the way a clearing in the April woods tingles at all of your senses.

I miss Bill even though we rarely saw one another... and to be fair, as he unpacked his memory's baggage, he long ago forgot me. But inside my mind are the times that he and Gerry made my parents laugh. The way he'd show up from somewhere in the world with stories and charm... the way he made a young boy dream that things could be wonderful way away... and yet come back here - so that the farthest part of the world was only days away from home. And as I sit here now remembering all of that... I realize that we're all links... his was a strong one.

Men are like that.

Incidentally, his daughters Lisa and Amy chose this picture as the front of Bill's funeral card. I'm glad they also find him in there.


Andreas said...

Hmm ... seriously makes one wonder what are good uses of one's time. My deepest sympathy to you and to Bill's daughters.

Debra Trean said...

I am very sorry that you have lost a dear friend but it sure sounds like he made your life that much richer. Warm hugs and I am really moved by your words.

John Roberts said...

Sorry for your loss, Ted. Fortunately, you captured more than just his likeness in this portrait. I'm sure that's why this photo was chosen for the funeral card.

Ted said...

You are all quite kind. Thank you.