Wednesday, April 15


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They met today. In Musser Park. I live beside the park so I saw them meet. Hundreds of them. Today is important in the United States. It is the only day where there is virtually unanimous participation in a civic action. Today is April 15th. To citizens, or legal residents - it is the only fixed date which we must adhere to or face the potential of large men coming to our homes. With guns. It is a day enforced by coercion. There is no other coercion day in this country. If you don't, um, celebrate it the way you are told... that is if you are accused of not following its rules... you are guilty of the charges unless you can prove innocence. That is the only exception to the rules of American justice prescribed in the country's constitution.

Today there were demonstrators in Musser Park, in Lancaster, PA. Hundreds of them. It wasn't an accident that they chose to gather on this date. CNN has labelled their meeting, anti-government. CNN is known around the world. Perhaps you know what it is. And perhaps you know why April 15th is symbolic to the people who met in Musser Park to express themselves?

Is there a Freedom Of Expression?

Oh, by the way there were no elected officials in the park today. No mayors, no City Councilors, no County Commissioners (Lancaster is a county seat), no judges, no state representatives, state senators, no governors, federal congressmen or senators. Nor were any of their staffs present.

Just hundreds of people... expressing. It's never happened there before. About April 15th.


Andreas said...

Uhhmmm ... I have no idea what's the matter with April 15 in the US, but this image is great :)

OK, I've looked it up. Great joke :)))

May the large men leave you alone :)

John Roberts said...

Your portraits are always touching.